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Juma says, #21

So now that I've been trekking the whole week searching for a job I should be the Brand Ambassador of Johnny Walker. Like seriously, my soles will begin to slant in the next 3 weeks if this is what is called "tarmaking".

I hear Eko Dydda used to trek from one end of Nairobi to another just to get a recording deal. This one should give me some motivation. Now that it is Sato time to catch up with buddies at the local kinyozi we know what's what. Then in the evening, polish your only pair of shoe for next week's Great Trek. :-(

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Posted 1 day ago

d_o_o_b says, #20

I Got A Job!

#GotAJob Woohoo!!

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Posted 8 days ago

Kayole ni Nyumbani says, #19

Now it's time to laze around at the local eatery. Then we will head back to the offices with toothpicks in our mouths pretending we ate meat yet it is the usual ugali - bean stew.

We Nairobians know how to pretend. You see everyone sharp, well-dressed in the morning but during lunch time we are at the local kibanda. It's like those UON gals who look upmarket but during lunch time they are eating at that kapoint next to Kenya National Theater where a mama has set up shop selling food to people.

Anyway, how many days do we have till 5 p.m?

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Posted 11 days ago

Anon. says, #18

09:16 Ebu tungojee chai ya 10.

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Posted 11 days ago

Mweow says, #17

I Am At Work!

#AmAtWork guysssss.....funny part is i cant remember applying it. You know those ones you are always waiting for ...refreshing your email,deleting spam kila time to make sure you don't miss out......haikua hiyo. This time i got a response i din't even expect ,i was like whose the Queen.Fuck i felt so glad.
Mum said God applied it for me , mweoybe.....purrrrrherps.....
coughs fur ball*

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Posted 12 days ago

Anon. says, #16

So there is this guy who has done Elec Engineering in Poly. Now the problem is the dude is currently job searching. But he has deviced some cunning way of at least making some money on the side. He's got some "contract" I don't know how on some office building to maintain the lights. All are fluorescent tubes.

Now this guy knows that if all the lights are functioning he's out of work and you know how those tubes can stay for months before they haribika. So what the guy does is when he is called in to check he will check the lights then he will kiujanja take away the starters of some the lights and go away with them. End month, he's called ati some lights are not working. He'll jifanya that he's bought new starters. He'll then proceed to "fix" those lights that are not working with the starters. Then he'll be paid for fixing the problem. Kumbe this time he'll take starters from other lamps and go away with them waiting to be called again to "fix" the problem.

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Posted 15 days ago

Human Burrito says, #15

So, these graduate internships that take you through a 4 step application process, ask you to bring with you dragon glass dipped in the blood of a virgin unicorn only to pay you a monthly stipend of, ebu mguezz.. 8,000 baab!!

Is it crack that they smoke?

Anyway back to doing the dishes, ateast meals are free here.

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Posted 18 days ago

Kayole ni Nyumbani says, #14

I Am At Work!

#AmAtWork conning people ati "Self-employed as a Brand Strategist".

Kwanza which agency in this Nairobbery teaches people how to finesse? I want to apply to escape kukosa kazi.

Catch Me If You Can!!

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Posted 19 days ago

Kayole ni Nyumbani says, #13

It seems conning people in this country can be a good job. What can stop us jobless people from getting into it.

1. You can get media attention ata local dailies can feature you as a "brand strategist".
2. Office renters can open their doors for you even those along Ngong Road.
3. You can win "16.5 million shillings" just like that.
4. Radio stations are willing to give you interviews.

And the biggest of them all...

4. You can get to buy nyanyas for ladies who want to work with you.

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Posted 19 days ago

Jymo says, #12

I Am At Work!

#AmAtWork Night shift na kadhalika

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Posted 21 days ago

Anon. says, #11

What the heck?

You go 4 years in campus, learn Algorithms, Data Structures, Data Types and all that math only to be employed as a programmer for 15K per month.

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Posted 23 days ago

zee says, #10

i have been jobless for a longtime i even added on a certification so that i could increase my chances of getting employed but nothing came i had previously volunteered in my line of work last week i started an attachment to keep me occupied i am doing It support in a company and there people there treating me like i know nothing i have done It support before and i know stuff i am already bored this is not coming from the staff of the company anyway its my second week let me see what happens as the days go by

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Posted 24 days ago

Mweow says, #9

MweOw is back.....and remember i said i got a job place.....well i was in fur land coz niga said compensation wasn't guaranteed .....i was like ....this kitty don't purr for anybody.
And i did the walk.......kidding.
We talked through the phone , so i'm back to applications again.
I blame you guys....you din't wish me luck 😼

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Posted 25 days ago

Anon. says, #8

Now that the CBK atheist is now jobless which youth will be given that job? Ni swala nyeti.

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Posted 26 days ago

Kennie says, #7

I'm ken, I've been working in this real estate company for nine months, but in those months it seems someone was not happy I was working there so they subotaged me,
Kwanza it was the manager he used to call the CEO, if I call in sick he says I'm a drunkard n I don't deserve the position,
So when finally I got fired he replaced me ASAP, LIKE he was waiting for it, 2 weeks down the line I get a call Ati "why aren't you working?" I say si mlinifuta n he's like
We are sorry blah blah blah blah.. We want you back in the company soonest Monday but I declined staki stress tena, ju I was screwed 1st time na kwanza they haven't paid me mshahara ya Dec, so if any offers feel free to contact me kenmaalim254@gmail.com that's my email

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Posted 27 days ago

Anon. says, #6

9:24am Another day in my jobless life.

The only difference between weekends and weekdays is that during weekends at least people are at home. You cannot quite tell the difference between us and the guys with jobs until you ask for a soft loan of 5K.

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Posted 27 days ago

Bad Gyaldem says, #5

I Got A Job!

Finally got a job.

25K isn't bad enough for a start. Especially if you are straight out of college. #GotAJob

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Posted 30 days ago

Anon. says, #4

Some employers can smell joblessness desperation from a mile way then proceed to exploit it.

Once worked in a small firm where the recruiting process was biased towards younger people. Have a family? Out. In your late 20s or early 30s. Chances of consideration drop. Then after you go the job the recruiter would tell you something like "HR Manager is away. Once they come you'll sign the contract with them". Then you'd just do the job till you forget about the contract. Public holidays were rumors. Weekends were not a given.

Then one day some chick came to work there after quitting from her former employer without giving notice. Went through the same "recruitment" process being promised that she would get to sign the contract. After a few days she began to get stressed about the contract. Her money had ran out. She couldn't go back to her former employer because of how she quit. She quit after 3 weeks after the job.

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Posted 1 month ago

Mweow says, #3

I Am At Work!

#AmAtWork finally after applying for one for three months. But i think ill be out of it today. You see i was called for the internship and started today and i never brought up my stipend but now he is out from the office and from my observation,i don't think he will pay me. I cant allow him to use me though so ill be patient and ask him when he gets back......soon i hope .
Wish me luck 😸

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Posted 1 month ago

Anon. says, #2

9:32 am: Gezz who just woke up? Yet there are people who woke early to get to work. Thank God if you got a job.

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Posted 1 month ago

Mwana wa Mjengo says, #1

I Am At Work!

#AmAtWork (Ir)regardless of the work load. People need to understand that once you get into the Zone you need maximum focus yawa!

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Posted 1 month ago

  Unemployment Tips

What to Do Now That You Are Jobless

Anyone can lose their job in their lives. It happens and it will happen as we get deep into the Internet Age. Job Security is now an alien concept in these days of Outsourcing, Job Contracts, Automation and the Gig Economy. So what should you do when you eventually find yourself jobless.

  1. First, DON'T PANIC. Panic will just increase your anxiety levels and worries which can lead to DEPRESSION.
  2. STRATEGIZE: Plan your next steps. Plan ahead. Losing a job is not the end of your life.
  3. GET INTO YOUR HOBBIES: Remember those music lessons you ditched because of your job. What about Art? Now is the time to get involved in your hobbies.
  4. VOLUNTEER. Look at volunteering opportunities in your neighborhood or city. Get into one or two initiatives and keep yourself busy.
  5. EXERCISE. Keep yourself healthy by exercising. Exercise has been shown to as a Stress buster.
  6. NETWORK. Unemployment provides a good chance to get out there and go to conferences, meetups and events; things many cannot do once they are employed.
  7. Finally, TALK TO SOMEONE OR SHARE YOUR JOBLESSNESS EXPERIENCES. That way you will come to meet other people going through the same situation, network and share each others burden. This site is just a start.

So if you are feeling stressed out that you are just jobless don't agonize about it.

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